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Let us build your nest from coast to country

Servicing all areas through Perth and country Western Australia.

Osprey Building is a small family run business determined to build your dream home.  We understand the little things that a home can be to make your life easier so there is more time to spend with your family and friends.  

Perry is a qualified carpenter and builder who loves to have a chat, a laugh and is a good listener. Melissa has a marine scientist background with a love for designing and environment. We have two young kids and two dogs that keep us on our toes but make us work harder to build a successful business. 

Being a small builder we only take on a limited number of jobs per year. This ensures we have the time to provide exceptional service, attention to detail and quality workmanship. Perry will take the time to listen to you and will build a home tailored specifically to your needs, your budget and your lifestyle.

Perry has been on the tools for most of his life and understands the activities on-site first hand. This has given him insight and will allow him as a builder to manage a build more efficiently

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Osprey Building

So how did Osprey Building come about?  Perry has been a carpenter for over 23 years and for 19 of those years has been running his own business.  He has always wanted to become a builder and through his carpentry business Perry has specialized in timber framing and stump and bearer homes right from when West Australians first started to build them.

Why the name Osprey Building?  Ospreys have always been a good omen for us.

  • Our first home was on Osprey Drive
  • On our wedding day in Coral Bay, two ospreys were watching the celebrations on old jetty poles
  • Every good fishing day an Osprey has flown over
  • It has always been a good day when we see an Osprey

Fun fact- Ospreys’ first nest is small but they add to it each year.  We understand building a home is a process and sometimes a dream. At Osprey Building we can start small with the details and can build on it to make your dream a forever home.


Why Choose Osprey Builders?

We look forward to working with you to create your dream home.

  • Quality construction
  • Communication- we will advise on every step of the way
  • Small builder to customize exactly what you want to meet your lifestyle and budget
  • Solar Passive Design homes
  • Your builder is a qualified carpenter who will actually be on site to undertake some of your carpentry work
  • Strong focus on timber frame construction allows for quicker construction time than a brick home
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